Texas Government Death Records

Texas government death records
Death Penalty in the US.?

Do you think it is ironic that some states have outlawed the death penalty while Texas still executes people weekly?? I understand of federalist system that allows states to govern their own laws, but I think with something so important, the government should be the final authority. I am not opening the death penalty can of worms as much as I am questioning the consistency throughout the country. If I lived in Texas I would do my dirty work in Kansas were there is no death penalty!! That sounds sick to even think about, but I am sure someone has looked into it!! Would it be easier if the entire country was one way or the other???

And for the record…I have never been prouder to be a Jayhawk!!!!

Well the answer is real simple..,if you dont break a law or murder any one,life should be good.I support the death penalty..,or put the waiting list on the front lines of the war.We are spending more money housing and feeding prisioners that we spend on defense for our country.Something wrong with that picture?Prisioners are allowed to beef themselves up and over power the authority in prisons,some have pool tables in the prisons,they have a/c,free meals,television..,and most when release purposely violate a probation or commit another crime to return to a gravy way of life with no responsibilites.In prison they have none.I think if we enacted the death penalty it would not look so appealing to spend a life time in prison with luxuries our poor dont have.

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