Texas Death Records Uk

Texas death records uk

Births, Deaths, and Marriages – Find Anything You Need to Know!

In reconnecting with your past, in reconnecting with your long lost family, or in creating your detailed family tree, you may need to obtain records of births, deaths, marriages and divorces.

In obtaining records of births, deaths, marriages or divorces, you would have to get in touch with the vital statistics office of the place where the birth, death, marriage or divorce took place. Each marriage or birth or death record are separate vital documentation each and you would need to have a separate letter of request for each legal paperwork. Here are some quick descriptions of records of births deaths marriages or divorces.

Birth records contain the pertinent birth details of a person. This will usually include the name of a baby, the sex of the baby, the full maiden name of the mother of the baby, the full name of the father of the baby, the date of birth of the baby, the place of birth (county and state) of the baby. Often times the name of the hospital and some vital statistics are also included.

Death records contain pertinent information on the death of an individual. This legal document usually contains the complete name, the sex, date of death, race, age, date of birth, county of death, state of death, Social Security Number, address and martial status of the deceased. This document also contains the names of the parents of the deceased and the spouse of the deceased.

Marriage records on the other hand, are legal and binding documentation containing the following information; name of the groom, name of the bride, date of marriage, place of marriage, birthplaces of the couple, addresses of the couple and the witnesses to the ceremony.

Divorce records on the other hand include the information on the family members affected with this situation, the history of the marriage that is being divorced, the properties of the divorcees and the date of birth of the children. Some records even contain the reason of the divorce and the current residence of the husband and wife.

Now that you know the information written on these records of births deaths marriages and divorces, you need to know how to request these from the vital statistics office of your state or county. As mentioned earlier, you need to initially locate the vital statistics office that may be housing this information. After that, you have to draft a letter of request for records of births deaths marriages and divorces. In making the letter, do not forget the following:

-What you want precisely. If you want to get the birth certificate of John Doe who was born last January 1, 2001 in John Doe Hospital, Springfield, Texas, then you want to indicate this explicitly on the letter.

-If you want the statistics office to mail the document back to you, provide a self addressed stamped envelope as this will make the statistics officer’s job easier.

On top of this, you need to remind yourself that in order to make your job easier in finding records of births deaths marriages and divorces, you have to have a complete public records service.

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