Texas Death Court

Texas death court
What is the current status of the Anthony Graves capital murder retrial in Texas?

Anthony Graves was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in the mid 90s. He conviction was based almost exclusively on the testimony of his alleged accomplice, Robert Carver, who had already been convicted and sentenced to die for the same crime. Before Carver’s execution in 2000, he recanted all incriminating testimony against Graves, including in his final statement before receiving lethal injection. The case went to appeal and was overturned by the 5th Court, and was sent back to Texas for retrial. This retrial was supposed to get underway sometime in 2008-2009. Graves was being assisted by the Texas Innocence Project, and was a long-time recipient of world-wide support from a number of exoneration and anti-death penalty activists. As I have begun to gain a great deal of interest in this case, I have discovered that there is almost no news on the matter in the past year. Can anyone please inform me of the status, or point me to a more recent news-source?

Take a look at http://anthonygraves.org/
It probably has the latest news on his case.

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