Uxbridge Town

Oxford, St. Albans, Canterbury, Kingston upon Thames, Cambridge, Richmond upon Thames, Norwich and Uxbridge.?

What is the best in life? We moving and would like to live in a beautiful, quiet, safe town / city with good employment opportunities and public transport. Interested in hiking Hiking, photography, nature, art and history. Not interested in nightclubs.

that need to be rich to live in St Albans – Most expensive place to buy a property at this time, but it is beautiful. Very nice market town, bars and pubs, gyms good, the beautiful and the best store waffles EVER! Cambridge is also good – is bigger, a lot of tourists and students Thomas can be more or less depending on your point of view. Traffic and parking is a nightmare proportions Tim Burton, but the architecture is beautiful and seeing the punters fall for the summer festival Inthe river. many cultural events as well. Norwich is intended to be a good party town, and very young. have large stores. Richmond is very similar to the city, being in a city – no wonder I can really help others … sorry I have not lived many places ENESA!

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