Texas Usa Divorce Records

Texas usa divorce records

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Ok,in Some states its legal to marry a 13 or 14 years old with parental consent,what about sex?I am confused?
Is it legal? I am trying to know the law i don’t want to marry a minor. Cause if this is the case then child marraige is legal in US? Back in the Middle Ages, it is considered acceptable.

On what basis in law are football clubs penalised for the bad behaviour of their supporters?
Whenever there is a riot, pitch invasion or racist abuse etc. by fans of a soccer team, the club itself is routinely penalised? Surely the club is a completely distinct legal entity from the private individuals who happen to attend its matches? So.

Once again, there is no legal requirement in UK to study Law in order to call yourself a Solicitor.?
I have had answers to similar questions in the past that are totally ridiculous. There is no legal requirement in this country and that is why. Yes you can. It’s not common, but if your labor stalls, it’s possible for.

Only mentioning the bond period in Appointment letter and get signed it- is it a legal bond?
My previous imployer served me a notice through a lawyer for damage due to quiting the job. The bond period was mentione in only appointment letter. No other legal paper were signed. So what should now I do. Send me full details.

Opinions Please – Governor Corzine is seriously injured in an automobile accident?
After getting out of the hospital from being injured in an automobile accident where the car was being driven at 91 MPH has now been observed going back to his residence in a motorcade traveling 16 MPH over the legal speed limit. He admitted that he set.

Oral Contracts $500 for service, is it legal?
I recently got charged for some service and did not agree to anything but the person is saying that i did agree upon it. There was nothing in writing about ANY charges what so ever or any discussion about charges. My question is for a service I thought $500 and up.

Other than Alcahol, tobacco, tea and coffee; which drugs can humans take without being bad ppl like criminals?
SUGAR, the ultimate legal high. – prescribed ones.. – http://www.idmu.co.uk/classes.htm.legal look at this – Salvia, there is also legal trips such as robotrips. That is when you down a whole bottle of Robitussin there is also a.

Overtime laws in Florida?
Does anyone know about the overtime laws in florida. I work in a private nursing home in jacksonville and the employer does not pay overtime. I don’t work anything over 40 hrs a week because of it. Does anyone know if it is legal in the state of florida or does the employer have choice.

Own handcuffs legal in Aussie?
Depends of the purpose for owning them and how you use them. For instance, some people may use handcuffs for sexual gratification. Providing this is done in privacy, it is consensual and doesn’t constitute sexual assault, cause serious injury (such as a maim which can’t be consented to) why would it be illegal..

Owning Guns.?
I have a question, hope united states residents can answer me. Thank you. We know that guns are legal in USA, but why some people got arrested for weapon possesion? example like Tony Yayo, he was sent to jail for weapon possesion but some other people can purchase guns. Gun possession is legal with a license. To.

Parent running / avoiding legal paperwork?
my wife and her childrens father have joint custody and he completely violated the terms so she filed to have parenting time changed but he is running from letting her serve him the paperwork and he has no address due to the fact that he lives between his mother and his current girlfriend..

Parent/Adult Child legalities?
If an adult child is still living at home with their parents, is it legal for the parent to charge rent and claim that child as a dependant on their taxes? Yes, it’s legal for them to charge rent and claim the kid as a dependent, but in order for it to remain legal, the parents.

Parental rights? my childs dad wants to give up his rights, how do we go about doing so?
Socorro-In my state, the form is really easy–except there’s no standard form. Anway, the forms I have written in my legal career only range from a page to a page and 1/2. They just need to clearly state the father.

Partial-Birth Abortion ban?
The Congressional statute was upheld by the Supreme Court. What are you opinions? partial-birth abortions or any abortions for that matter are terrible, heinous acts which should in no way shape or form be legal. for god sake people if you dont want the kid let it live and put it up for adoption instead of.

Past legal cases are sometimes used to support current similar cases.?
critical thinking. true or false answer True. Judges are supposed to apply the decisions handed down in higher courts as precedent. Most legal experts will cite these cased in the course of making their own arguements. – True, it’s the principle of stare decisis also known as following.

Paypal Rules Vs The Law?
I am currently in a legal battle at the moment with Paypal, as they limited my account for three weeks due to a debt in an account which is linked to mine. They have since released the funds, however I had already started the legal case and paid for the courts etc. I spoke.

Pennsylvania Court Orders Sperm Donor to Lesbian Couple to Pay Child Support?
A sperm donor who helped a lesbian couple conceive two children is liable for child support under a state appellate court ruling that a legal expert believes might be the first of its kind in the U.S. A Superior Court panel last week ordered a Dauphin County.

Philosophically Speaking: Should the US ban guns?
Without getting into the Second Amendment, which is a legal wrangle, philosophically, morally: Should The United States ban all guns? Would it be the right thing to do? Would it end crime as we know it? Does the US have a cowboy mentality that compels it’s citizenry to own a firearm? Try,.

Phone numbers on youtube – legal action?
Recently, someone posted the phone number of someone they thought had stole their camera. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svkv2u1h5.legal If you call the number, is it possible that legal action can be brought against you even if you don’t harass the person? well the person who had there camera stolen should just do.

Please help,want my kids back ,need someone to listen and give me legal advice.?
I have worked in child protection for 5+ years, would be more then happy to help you with any questions you have. But I do not know what your question is, or what the situation is so I can’t give advise. Please re-write your.

Please help??
I am a divorced mother who was wrongly accused of child neglect by my ex and his parents. His mother who turned me in 25 times in 6months. My ex husband was awarded custody after only going to court once and i had no legal representation. Since then my children have been in danger several times. My.

Pooping in display toilets at bath and body works?
is it legal to annulate in display toilets?? and if it isnt, are u allowed to use a sink?? i really need help, because im at the store, and the bathrooms are closed. be quick, because i feel seepage running down my leg into my shoe, and my shoes already.

Pro Bono lawyer?
I need to find a pro bono lawyer Dallas , Texas area. How can I go about finding one? Does anyone know of any? Below are some legal directories that might help locate a lawyer: http://www.austin-texas-lawyers-attorney.legal http://www.dallas-fort-worth-texas-lawye. http://www.houston-texas-lawyers-attorne. http://www.san-antonio-texas-lawyers-att. http://www.las-vegas-nevada-lawyer-attor.

Procedure for Legal Heir?
My grandfather passed away in january. His wife now becomes the legal heir. But he did not leave any will. He was a retired government employee and all the medical expences needs to be reimbursed in my grannys name for which i need to obtain a legal heirship certificate(in the name of my grand mother)..

I was reading a book and it mentions illegal pornography. I was wondering the difference between illegal and legal In the US, most pornography is legal. Pornography that contains sex with a minor (sex with anyone under the age of 18) is against federal law and in some states, the depiction of certain sexual acts is also illegal..

Pro-Slavery (1850’s) Pro-Abortion (today) ever notice they say the ‘EXACT’ same things?
In 1856 the speak of the House rose up and said: I personally do not own a slave, but I will never stand in the way of another man’s legal RIGHT to own a slave.the house erupted in a standing applause. The subject is different, the era.

Why is it legal in Las Vegas and not anywhere else? I jus dont understand. It’s not legal in Las Vegas (Clark County), but it is legal where the total county population is less than 200,000 people, which is every other county except Reno. Basically, the state never regulated prostitution, and left the decision up to the counties..

Querying the Reasonable Person?
What is your opinion on the legal standard of ‘the reasonable person’- is it fair to hold everyone to such a standard? Can you see any flaws? It is the perfect standard.the standard is the reasonable person in that situation. This means what would the reasonable person do if they found their spouse in bed.

Question About Child Custody?
I am wodering if my sons father has custody, the only papers we ever signed were Establishment of Paternity. Does this give him automatic custody?? He is not involved in my sons life..yes..dead beat dad..I want my husband to take legal gardianship but the form says that both parents must sign if they have legal.

Question for Defense Attorneys – about defense of violent crimes?
How could a person go about finding out who paid for an offenders legal defense? For instance – if a church was sponsoring the defense of anti-gay hate crime. Would their financial support of legal fees have to be made public? You cannot. Attorneys’ records of who pays them.

What can be done in this situation? Do they have any legal standing to sue him??
If you pay someone to work on your home, pay them in advance, and they don’t finish the job.what can you do? This is not my situation; however, this is the situation of my friend’s parents. He called me today and told.

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