Texas Criminal Records Warrants

Texas criminal records warrants
Arrest warrant issued to wrong person?

My mother found out that there is an arrest warrant issued in her name for possession of drug paraphernalia. The incident occurred in Austin, Texas (my mother lives in Houston,Texas) in October 2004. We are currently trying to locate evidence that she was not in Austin during this time. We are confident we can find something, but it is costing her $750 to hire a lawyer and the ticket itself is $496 (plus a criminal record for something she didn’t do). My question is, if we can prove my mother innocent, how can we recoup our money? A loss of $750 is huge for our family and we feel it is wrong that the government’s mistake has to cost us money. Paying the ticket and having a criminal record is not an option as my mother is trying to find a job right now. Do you think it’s worth suing over?

You can’t sue the government, particularly the Texas government, for stupid mistakes. Why hire a lawyer for evidence YOU have to find anyway? Go to a legal clinic–they’re cheaper and will tell you what to do in the case of mistaken identity. It may be as simple as proving there’s someone in Austin with her name. Does the warrant specify type of ID? Does the number not match hers? THINK!!!

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