Texas Courts Record

Texas courts record
Can I get court records for Leon County Texas, 12th judicial district or other Texas counties?

I need info on my son who is in trouble. Can I find out if he has warrants or outstanding charges? I need to know if he made his court dates. I also need to know the disposition of other cases that may have been filed against him in Harris, Leon, Limestone and Dallas Counties.

Yes. You need to go to the office of records or archives in the courthouse where that judicial district is located. Usually there is a civil or a criminal court clerk’s office somewhere in that building. There should also be a records office somewhere in that building.

Now, what with heightened courthouse security, checkpoint guards or security guards who check people through the process are often familiar with courthouse protocol and should be able to direct you to the right office.

Also, it isn’t usually hard to find a lawyer walking around there and if you ask one where the right place to go is, it is free legal advice.

Both a history of warrants and civil penalties should be somewhere in that building.

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