Texas Business Public Record

Texas business public record
Is Juliet Homes in Houston still in business?

I put down earnest money with Juliet homes back in November. My home was supposed to be finished in July of this year, but noticed a few months ago things were going really slow, and now the job trailer has been hauled off. Also the fence was pulled. All the construction files are in the garage of one of the homes, no fence, nothing…abandoned…Is this company still in business?

Juliet Homes will go before TRCC June 13th in Austin, Texas. Public is allowed to comment on record on Juliet Homes. Will they be in business after June 13th?

Juliet Homes is still in business. However, let me offer you some advice: I purchased a Juliet Home back in September 2006, I love my home, but it has been nothing but a headache ever since I purchased it. They will pressure you into closing when there are items not complete in your home and then will not complete the items in your home unless you call them everyday. Also, they have stopped paying their contractors so the contractors are putting liens on the owners homes, I have over $10,000 in liens. Also, many of the homes under construction have not been worked on in over six months, as a result the interiors of the homes have been exposed to every element of the weather. All I can say is owning a Juliet Home has been a huge hassle, and I don’t think I would have bought a Juliet Home if I would have known I was going to have all of the issues associated with my home.

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