Texas Arrest Records

Texas arrest records
Does anyone know if you can teach in Texas with a dismissal on your criminal record?

I was recently arrested for a very stupid mistake on my part… forgetting to pay a check that bounced for $50!!! I have to go to court and although the charges will more than likely be dismissed since I have NO criminal background, I am still worried about my job. I am a teacher and am afraid I will lose my job because of this. I teach in Texas and am also new to the state so I do not know much about the law here. Even though it is such a small thing, it is still considered a crime of moral turitude. If anyone knows anything about this type of situation, I would appreciate the advice!! Thanks in advance!

YES you can. Dont worry. I remember student teaching with a girl who had a DUI…Lets say, she got the job after graduating. So a 50 check? Who cares! Dont worry!!!! Just use this incident as a reminder to take care of your finances as well as you probably do your students! 🙂

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