Floyd County Public Records

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Using RootsWeb to Add to Your Family Tree

Using RootsWeb.com to follow your ancestor’s trails is a great way to add members to your family tree for free. There are numerous tools at the site to help you in your research endeavors. If you’re new to RootsWeb.com I suggest you check out the getting started guides, they’ll help you use the site more easily.

I use the Social Security Death Index tool to find birth, death, and residence information on my ancestors. When you click on the link, you have a basic text box where you can list your family member’s last and first name along with their middle name and social security number if known. Chances are you won’t know the last two entries, so just enter the last name and at least the first initial. Then you’ll usually find a large list to sort through, to narrow it down click on the advance tab. You’ll have a lot more options such as dates for birth and death as well as residence and benefit information. This is probably the information you are looking for, so just fill in as much as you know or believe and click search.

If you still don’t find information about your ancestors try omitting some of the info you entered. I have sometimes just filled out the last name and state issued boxes and found relatives listed with their middle names as their first. Sometimes just initials listed for first and middle names so play around with the entries and have fun searching. After you’ve found a relative, hopefully you’ll have a death date and place of residence with which to look for an obituary. You can find obituaries at genealogy societies or local libraries and if recently, online at local newspapers. Obituaries can have a wealth of information that could lead you to another generation; however obits in the early 1900’s contain minimal information.

Another great tool to help find ancestors is the family trees that are hosted at RootsWeb.com. Click on the link and enter your basic information in the search boxes or click on the advance link to enter more detailed information. After you are at the family trees you can search through the listed trees or go to the bottom of the list to enter more detailed information. Keep in mind that the family history listed here is another genealogist work and it may simply be copied from someone else, so try to prove the information you find here with public records such as census records.

One the best tools there are the message boards and mailing lists. Boards are broken up into different categories, such as surnames, states, counties, countries, even wars which you can search by typing in your ancestor’s information. When you find a board you’re interested in you can post a query for information about your ancestor. The mailing lists are similar except when you join a mailing list your query goes out to everyone on the mailing list and they can send you information they have via e-mail. These are great ways to interact with the community who also have the same research interests, which can help you extend your family tree.

I’ve just touched on a few of the possibilities with RootsWeb.com; there’s tons of information there and all for free. Take a look around and have fun, for more links where to find genealogy information visit my website at http://www.ancestorstrails.yolasite.com and keep researching.

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Floyd Mills – A genealogy enthusiast, and has been researching my family’s history in my spare time for several years. I’ve created a blog at http://www.ancestorstrails.blogspot.com in hopes people will leave their comments or questions about their research to share.


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