Texas People Search Records

Texas people search records
Possession of a Prescription Drug in Texas Violation????

My friend just got arrested for having about 80-100 pain killers in an unmarked bottle that are not his. Police searched the car and found them. His record is squeaky clean with not even a warning. But they took him to jail. What I want to know is what kind of charges and fines is my friend possibly going to have to endure? And please no answerers criticizing him I don’t need any more people telling me that it was wrong (I know it was) I just need some real helpful answers please I’m freaking out and so worried for him!!!

In most states possession of a control substance (80-100) pain killers that are not yours is like any other drug charge. Your friend could be looking at everything from possession of a controlled substance to possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Felonies such as these carry significant penalties and could include prison time. My suggestion to you is to help your friend get good legal counsel to determine what his options are. Penalties such as prison time and fines are all covered by the state law where you live. Good Luck

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