Texas Criminal Divorce

Texas criminal divorce
Is it a crime in Texas to commit Adultery, what legal action can be taken.?

The other night i was arrested, at my residence for criminal trespassing, when while I out of town her new “boyfriend” went down to the police station bc I suspected adultery and i said if he did not back up i was going to hurt him. Now i can’t even see my kids bc i am not allowed over there, the bad thing is that a cop from diff. county told me that they could not do that since we have been together for 7 yrs. 2 kids and common law married he said that we would have to get a divorce and that i had a good chance to get my kids and her move out bc this is not the first time that she has done this it also happened about 2 yrs ago and i was charged with terroristic threat. Is there any thing I can do to her and him, we live in Texas.

give it up dude, she doesn’t want you. if you truly want your kids, you’ll NOT go over and harass her anymore…having a bunch of arrests on your record and you’re OBVIOUS obsession with her isn’t endearing a family court judge to your cause. Do you use your kids to get to her, or is she using your kids to get to you? I feel sorry for them not either one of you.

Move on with your life, she wasn’t causing you any problems BEFORE you met her, and you managed to get along..right? So leave her and her new lover alone and soon enough they will break up once she see’s it isn’t getting a rise out of you. You didn’t marry her for a reason, and that reason was???So now that you realize you couldn’t trust her, why are you so surprised she did this? When you came into her life she was doing this to some other guy, using you..am I right? So you were “the other man” at one point, and now you act like you’re the victim? I’m not buying it skippy, quit acting like a pvssy and move on.

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