Texas Public Records Searches

Texas public records searches
Is there any way to search public records for free online?

I’m interested in searching for my birth parents through public records before I try to go through the agency. I don’t want to spend money on a website if I’m not guaranteed results.
I’m looking in Texas, so any website for San Antonio public records would be a great help.
My google searches have been unsuccessful.

Have you tried the library’s geneology department? When I was looking for my birth father years back the ladies in the library’s geneology area helped me tremendously. There are old phone books and other records that they have. Without knowing wether you are able to go there in person you could call and explain to them who you are looking for sometimes those library ladies are in the mood for an adventure & will do alot to help a person out.
The courthouse in my county has a special computer set up for ppl who are wanting/needing to go thru old public reocrds, you just have to make an appt to go there and they set you up on the computer. Wouldn’t hurt to call and ask this of San Antonio’s county, who knows theirs might be online, alot of counties in Oklahoma are now available online.
Good luck to you on your search I hope it goes well for you. Just please be prepared that they may not want to be found and may not be so keen on you re-entering thier lives.

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