Texas Inmate Court

Texas inmate court
I NEED HELP. How long does another state have to come pick up an inmate?

My fiance is in Tarrant County Texas jail waiting for Shreveport LA. to come pick him up. He had his court date on Nov 14th and they were supposed to have called LA to come get him. Fellow inmates of his are telling him they only have a certian amount of time to come get him then they have to let him go. I need to know if this is true and how long does he have to wait? Any help would be greatly appericiated!!!

I just contacted the jail administrator in my county, and here is what she said:

If they contest extradtion, it will take quite a while, as they need to obtain a Governors Order. This could be weeks.

If they waive extradition, it could be faster, but she is not aware of any time limits. Our county contracts through a prisoner transport company, and it basically happens whenever they get a car in the area. If they are adjacent states, the Sheriffs Department may do the transport themselves.

I can tell you this for sure… this is obvioulsy a serious charge if they agreed to pick him up in another state, I don’t think he will be out anytime soon.

I would not take the word of a “fellow inmate”, I would contact a lawyer.

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