Texas Crime Records

Texas crime records
Why do murderers get minimum sentence a lot, but other lesser crimes get slammed? (Some denominations, etc.)?

There are two young men in Texas who are baptist and have not crime record. They were accused of child abuse that was disproven in court. The evidence was ignored and the men both of whom are married and have families, got a combined total of forty years in high security state pens 300 miles away from each other. One was given 24 years and the witness brother was given 16 years. Just four years earlier a man was convicted of murdering his wife and children and was given 12 years! Amazing!

Its sad I know. Whats even worse, is that our system thinks that sticking these people in a prison will solve their mental problems and that we can release them back into society and not expect them to repeat their crimes. My friends dad shot and killed her mother in the chest while she was holding their baby. He aimed to shoot the baby but my friend had grabbed a knife and stabbed him. He was sentenced to 20 years. Served 5 and was released for good behavior. After he was released, my friend moved with her lil’ sister and grandparents to another state but he managed to find them. She was 17 and her sister 8 when her dad found her and killed them both and then himself. She’d still be alive if he had served his original time. But thats what our government calls justice, it makes me sick to my stomach.

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