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please help. We are in need.?

friend of my computer crashes, the beginning not to come, ctrl + alt + delete not working no, not Alt + F4 work, and the power button is broken. How do I thaw. I'm writing this on a different computer. We also United States and son of 8 years old, is the only house, so you have to explain so that 6 years is heard (his son is a little slow). Also instructions must be in French because I suck at translating and my friend and her son are French. Work.Please the Seminole Indian language also send any link to my friend want real answers from real people. He can not call tech support because it is easily aggravated people. My friend is the police force and all you need to put criminals in jail are at it, so please help. There are no stupid answers, just stupid people. 🙂

Sorry, no French: unplug the power board and let the battery dies or the battery lock again .. you another call to customer service. I can hate, but have no answers … Hope this helps …

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