Texas Criminal Report

Texas criminal report
Speeding in Texas = reckless driving in California?

Ok so I know that when you get a ticket in another state it gets reported to the DMV in your state and they assign it points that goes on your record. However if I am charged for driving 100mph in a 65mph and that is not considered reckless driving in Texas but it IS considered reckless driving in California am I going to get a criminal record/suspended license in California or do I only have to worry about the points and the normal insurance rate increase that speeding tickets bring?

I wasn’t going as fast as he said unfortantely I had never gotten a ticket before and didn’t know how to react, let alone that I had a right to ask for proof of my speed. I figured I’d just pay it and it would be fine. Now I am realizing the implications for my driving record and insurance. I am mad because it was in the middle of nowhere and I am having 0 luck finding a lawyer that even practices there. So I can’t fight this in court and I live 1,000 miles away..!

Okay, so you know about points and insurance, but you’re wrong about a misdemeanor charge. Driving over 100mph is NOT considered reckless driving in California. In California, it is considered speeding over 100mph, an infraction that counts 2 points with CA DMV. Now if you were driving exactly 100mph in a 65mph then it is considered speeding over 65mph, and counts 1 point with DMV. But since CA DMV only has one speeding over the limit code for out of state violations, either way you’re only looking at a 1-pointer. Only if Texas reports reckless driving will California receive a reckless driving code.

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