Texas Criminal Public Records

Texas criminal public records
can you get some ones criminal police reports?

I know that here in Texas a lot of things are public record, my ? is, how do you get some ones public record for free on the internet? If some one put charges of sexual assult on a man, then dropped the charges will it be in public records? If so, how can I finde them for free? This guy I know sexualy assulted my friend and she turned it in too late for proof, the cops said he has 3 priors but they were all dropped and the only way she will have a case is if he confesses to the detective. ( we know he is not going to do that) we need to finde a way to take him off of the streets before he does it again to a lady or a child. please help if you know how. and yes my friend is 32 years old.
he was never arrested on any of these charges! the girl had gone and dropped them. I think they were afraid of him. they will not arrest people here unless he confesses or they have proof.

You can’t get it from the internet free at all. You can possibly do a background check on the guy, but it will cost you. Also, not all records are available to the public., especially if the charges were dropped. Usually convictions are what would be available.

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