Texas County Business Records

Texas county business records
Notice of Abandonment for an Assumed Name?

How do I file a Notice of Abandonment for an Assumed Name in the state of Texas on-line?
How do I make sure there are no due taxes, fees or penalties?

This name was never active as a business due to a major crisis, there were no tangible goods, or property under this name.

I was told that it was already legally canceled. However, yesterday, on a County Clerk Record’s search I found the Assumed Name it’s still considered “Active” (though there has been activity for almost a decade).

Will it cancel itself after 10 years?, or is there anything I need to do, to make sure that it’s really canceled this time?
There has been no activity under this name for almost 10 years.

I would contact the Texas Secretary of State’s office to inquire about this or check to see if they have a business portal online. If it was an assumed name corporation, I would assume that there is a parent corporation active in the same state? Sometimes online records aren’t updated properly or at all in my experience. It’s possible the parent corporation’s filing is still linked to the assumed name corp.

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