Franklin County Child Support

What do you all think?

Well here is my input on it all. I think that in Franklin County the courts are full of crap. Five years ago I took my children’s mother to court to try to take them from her. She lived at her sister’s house with not even room for beds for out children. Myself I lived in a 3 bed room apartment with everything that they would need. The courts ruled that they would be better off with there mother. Sad thing is now days my son is16 years old drinks all the time. Skips school and Runs away all the time. My daughter is seven years old wont eat anything but chips and cookies even for dinner and wont even sleep in her own room. All I got was every other weekend and 500 bucks a week in child support. I have to wonder what our children would of be like if the judge would of made a better choice….

This is really sad, but you can’t go on wondering “what if”. These are YOUR children and YOU need to take action NOW. Get a lawyer, or if you can’t afford one, a friend to help you when you take her back to court. Explain everything to the judge and they will listen. The judges now don’t always side with the mother. You need to help your children, it is never too late. If you want, I WILL HELP YOU. I dont know who you are, or where you live, but I would be more than willing to help you out. If you want my help, email me at jamie_l_mckeever at this site. If not, please, for the sake of your kids….do something!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!

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