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Texas state criminal search
Gun charge jail time.?

— okk well my cousin,17, was on his way to Iowa. He was on a charter bus when they did a random bag search and found a gun in his back pack. He got arrested this morning in Kansas and is in jail in that state. He has nothing on his criminal record that I know of except for various speeding tickets. I don’t think he’s on probation for any of that either. Well my question is what his jail time might possibly be.? Do you think he’ll be brought back to Texas or will he have to settle everything in Kansas.? Is there a chance that he’ll be tried as an adult.? I know my cousin is very stupid but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about him. Who ever can answer my questions the best will get 10 PTS.!
I don’t think the gun was stolen but I doubt it’s registered. He had no parental consent what so ever.
Not a prohibited possesor either.

Actually he is 17, he his prohibited from possessing hand guns. Or any gun actually, in a legal standpoint. You have to be at least 18 to purchase a shotgun, and 21 or older to purchase a handgun, or pistol grip shotgun, etc. Anything that is “pistol grip” or associated in anyway with pistol and being a firearm is a big no no unti you are 21 or over. Yes, he can be, and most likely will be tried as an adult. And unforuntately, he will be tried in Kansas. The law doesn’t say “oh well you are from Texas, but got busted with your weapon here, we will send you on your way home”. They do not care where he is from. That is where he was busted, charged, and that is where he will stay. I am not sure exactly how much time he is looking at. He could get probation, he could get 10 years. I am pretty sure its a felony charge he has. And whoever gave him the gun will most likely be charged as well if he cooperates with the law when they ask who gave it to him. He may even get a lighter sentence if he tells who he got it from. Best thing, with a public defender or with a hired attorney for him to do is keep the “who gave it to me” bit as a bargaining chip. May be his only chance at not getting too much time.

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