Montgomery County Public Records

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If something good public defender in Montgomery County PA, or should have a private attorney? D misdemeanor?

It's for my 18 year old son old. This is a first offense. It is the possession of marijuana s, int poss contr subst no record, charged with disorderly conduct and dangerous phyis / out summary. He was not using his turn signal puled, police smelled air freshener and use it as a cause reasonalble to find your car. He asked if that find and my son said he had to go home because his sister needed the car to work. The report said it disagreed with the search. She goes to the university a partial athletic scholarship, we are afraid that the public defender can not be effective, but do not have the money for a private attorney. Would have to borrow. Addition not want to be in that record, as losing jobs and financial aid for school. What changes could be reduced only disruption citation public policy at the preliminary hearing / when will the court sentence is qulaify without parole and what that means in general, media

You should probably just the Palestinian Authority. an expensive private school law will not help much because it is only a misdemeanor.

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