Texas Search Marriage

Texas search marriage
Load Testing of divorce and bigamy in Texas?

I am the second of three wives. My husband is a bigamist. I present a petition to declare not my wedding in Texas. However, when I go to court, I have to present evidence in court that my husband never divorced his first wife. Since there is no national database for weddings and divorces, how I can go to find the evidence? I'm pretty sure that divorce, in fact, he said he did not. However, I know that my words will not remain in a court of law. I tried to register a divorce in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, and finds no record of these states. Also, no one knows how bigamy charges in Texas?

You must take proof of your research to the police station Local and file a police report. Is file a signed complaint, which is your word, and will be valid in a court of law. The investigation of the detective will the search from there, and be able to check the databases who have no access.

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