Texas Divorce Records

Texas divorce records
Texas law on the provision of custody documents right?

What is the law of Texas for the next step? Children (13) lived with the father Texas has joint custody of children. The child lives with him and his wife (the mother). Child and parent has legal immigrant and green card – the state acquired by marriage to the new born in the U.S. wife. The biological mother is a naturalized U.S. citizen. According to the decree of divorce the mother is entitled to all medical records and school (hold). But the mother is also entitled to their own copy of the immigration records for your child? The father must notify the biological mother of immigration status of the child? Advice please! The child was born in Germany and obtained residence through the legal husbands new wife.

The key to your question lies in the words "custody". In a custody agreement together, any document or information can not be a parent by the other. No exceptions.

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