Texas Record Of Death

Texas record of death
My widowed mother has threatened to ditch me in the city to promote home care / care in Texas. Is it legally possible?

Normally, it would not be a big problem if I ever was, but it's the fifth time this year, and she says she wants of me because I am a medical burden and rebellious. She may have a lawyer, I transferred and I live in the town house with life insurance for the recent death of my father. They also threatened the foster care and neglect in an Ikea store. Let me know if this is legal for her to be a of 3 above. We have a record of CPC for many things, but nothing serious. 2 weeks ago I was assaulted, but police and stole me said to grow. Me: 15/Male/High school student in Texas. With various medical problems that must be addressed as soon as possible. Mother: Spouse of a little over a year. I really appreciate it if you informed me about the legality of these threats. It seems possible, but again, not every parent want to get rid of your children? Thank you! We got into arguments about my life in danger if pectus excavatum.

If one day all the parents want to get rid of their children and go to the beach. Can kids come screaming from the house and the need for food and parents forget to care of their babies. Sorry it verbalize these things, it's like at the end of his rope and she worries she can not take care of you. Legal, do not know. Appropriate to say to their children, NO. We hope you find an advisor at your school next door and talk to someone about how it affects you.

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