Texas Marriage Record Search

Texas marriage record search
Proof of divorce?

I am the second of three wives. My husband is a bigamist. I present a petition to declare the nullity of marriage my Texas. However, when I go to court, I have to present evidence in court that my husband never divorced his first wife. As no national database for weddings and divorces, how can I do to find the evidence? I'm pretty sure that divorce, in fact, he said he no. However, I know my word is not going to stand in a court of law. I tried to register a divorce in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, and can find no trace of these states. Also, no one knows how bigamy charges in Texas? I can not afford a lawyer, or what I hired one.

Have you tried to find his first wife? It can be prepared to testify that never divorced. Good luck. I hope throw the worthless ass in jail.

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