Texas Index Records

Texas index records
The official U.S. national Misery Index is out, and out of Obama?

The last index in May was Obama by 13%, which is a huge 62% higher than that of Bush at the time Bush leaves office. Historically, Jimmy Carter holds the record of poverty from 22% in June 1980. The winner of all time is the President of the deportation was executed two Democrats spying with the Soviet Union … New York, Sing Sing electric chair. Republican President Dwight Eisenhower Texas law, is the president of all time less miserable, with a misery index of only 3%. Needed were the fifties Sexy Convertible cushion back seat to push, which led to the rise of the baby against abortion. My parents almost never see any movie at the drive in cinema, in the back seat of his 1957 Oldsmobile Eisenhower. Keep Rockin Olds .. with Rock Hudson and Dorris Day. Need for consumer units, the Democrats? The tires a little less inflated with hot air from Obama?

It is blown. history. a piece of meat. is the fork! Unemployment wins hands down!

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