Texas County Divorce Records

Texas county divorce records
Marina is married, the divorce in Texas?

I am in the Navy stationed in Virginia. My husband, a civilian life away from me in Virginia are seeking a divorce. Virginia law requires us to separate six months before the divorce can be granted, and right now I'll be out of state, may be deployed. Therefore, I get a divorce in my record company, who hails from Texas. My vehicle registration, voter registration and driving my parents are in Plano, Texas (Collin County), I consider it a permanent residence, even though I lived and physically received (spam) email in my apartment in Virginia. Am I able to get a divorce in Texas, if so, should I put in my paperwork for establish the residence? How can I use my address or my Texas Virginia documentation?

Yes, you can divorce in Texas. Go to the legal basis that can help you with all free.

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