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public drunkenness in my own apartment in Ca?

He was drunk with my second daughter is strong, I know it was that called neighbors. But public drunkenness gave me in my own apartment. I know it was not in the mood for them mouth, I went imprisonment from 2 am until 14:00 the next day. What will be my fine? and could take this off my record because I was in my own Aprtment? means to me in public of the public. the only time I went to when he asked me out …. so is this fake?

Although the broker is a public place, if you got there just in command of the police, who broke the law. (In re RK (2008) 160 Cal.App.4th 1615.) If the police report indicates this to happen, it is unlikely that the prosecutor even file a complaint. If there is disagreement as to what happened, you can still have an arguable case. You may want to ensure that witnesses are available who can testify that the actions of police.

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