Texas Public Records Website

Texas public records website
I try to guess who is the owner of a private home in Fort Worth, the site texas.what Should I contact?

I just learned that someone had used my name to rent an apartment one year ago.all I have is a physical address of the apt. i need to know who owns the real apt.i not know how to access public records online. I need a real site that WORKS. sought public folders, files tax and public land access titles.i just need to know who owns a house in Fort Worth, Texas. needed.that ulrich.that through is just what I helped greatly.i never thought of the IRS.

You said you saw the site of the tax assessor as a response Previous suggests. I am a little surprised that it's not find what you are looking for. This link: http://taxoffice.tarrantcounty.com/AccountSearch.asp allows you to search by different criteria, including "Place Property" – As I wrote in the direction of the sample "100 Weatherford, "Who came up with a series of lists, each with an e-mail the owner. Can not find the information here, you can not have the correct address. Note that Many public records are not available Internet daily. You will often need to go to the appropriate government office to get full access to information public.

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