Texas Criminal Arrests

Texas criminal arrests
Legally, an employer when a person fills out a job application that includes a criminal?

background check and the applicant said have never been arrested under an offense or crime, but returned to check criminals who were arrested for theft and accused of a crime under 22, is the responsibility of the employer to inform the applicant of the results, or may just assume that person is a liar and a thief and go to the next applicant. I feel like if that person needs to know what is going to return to his see history because what if it is a mistake that must be addressed. But legally, the employer does not have to. Incidentally, Texas law I ask.

I think, and I may be wrong, answering others have lost their central issue. Want to know if you have an obligation law from disclosing the information in the criminal background check, right? No, no. Chances are paid and privileged information So the information is yours to do what you please. First, I want to deal with the person anyway. It is possible that person has been granted parole, which essentially means that after you meet certain conditions, for a period of time that the file is. Often with red tape, this has never been removed, although it should be. There are errors in the system Legal. Many of them, I am sad to say. We represent some of our business at that time, at the age of 18, returning home by a member, entered into a garage with the door open and the children who threw a stupid fart around and took a set of ratchet $ 5. They were arrested, he admitted the crime and the judge was lenient. He took his age into account and the petty crime and told the court after one year of conduct that would not have a criminal record. (Probation). The clerk of the court probation evil than a year of supervised probation. Parole coviction is not alone, but a Sentance. Entering the term of probation and the state, actually marked the people who sign up for life with a conviction. This was discovered by our customers when he tried to cross the border between the CAN and is now appealing. For 14 years, I had no idea he had a criminal record. In addition, people often misinterpret this issue in an application. Confuse "arrested or charged "with" cursed. "Is it to show a conviction? Many people are arrested or accused of things that never come to court. As or not you can choose to hire the person, this could be a simple misunderstanding that this person could be avoided in the future if you share this information, but would be out of the goodness your heart, not a legal requirement.


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