Texas County Background Checks

Texas county background checks
Why BVNE Texas have to do another study?

I am an LVN about a diploma program in IA May The newly BVNE required all nurses to submit to a background check. I have some things in my file of 10 + years, he descended into sent me letters stating that county. I received a letter from the Commission, saying that everything was clear and was ready to go. So now I apply for my RN boards, and even know the background check and researchers have become very different, saying it could take 3-6 months for further research. I do not understand why the original search is not good enough for the woman, she has all the papers, which states that crimes accused and documents indicating the collapse of all charges. There to do?

Probably you can do nothing. All I can suggest is to check the rules of the Council. In particular, there is nothing in the regulations that requires the second investigator to comply with the decision researcher's first? If so, you may be proud to talk about the second investigator.


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