Texas Birth Records Search

Texas birth records search
How can I find an adopted cousin?

I learned when I was in high school my aunt had a daughter when she was about 18, she adopted. This would mean that my cousin was born around 1971 in or around Edinburg, Texas. Adoptive parents in touch with my parents to know more about my aunt and told my parents that I was assistant to Sam Houston State University in Texas (near Houston) and looked a lot like my aunt but does not give his name. Account Given the sometimes strange behavior of my aunt, it is unlikely that he told the girl who was his mother. I tried to find records births in Texas with the maiden name of my aunt, but could not find anything. My aunt got married about 5 times, can I use the wrong name. I would like to know who this person is, and possibly in contact with it. I do not know how to refine your search. My aunt is not exactly on good terms with the family in contact led nowhere.

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