Osceola County Appraisers

I think an appraiser undervalued our land. How do I know what the land is sold in my area?

I live in the county Osceola, in an area called Poinciana. I know there are lots for sale in my neighborhood are as high as $ 75 000. My fortune was valued at $ 25 000 on an evaluation recently and I wonder if required.

Go to www.switchboard.com and find the closest Your 5 estate agents. Call them and ask them to this office deals with the land purchase more real estate. them what they (the amount of land is building, etc.) and ask them to send "comps" in the ground like yours in your area. Comps (representing the elements of comparison) will indicate the amount of land sold in the past "x" amount of time and distance "and" their land. Now – take from the sale of pieces of land that was sold in the past 6 months (more if you need) in a neighborhood near you (I want to use less than a mile) … Field is more difficult than the houses, but it is still possible. take up honest compositions (which have to solve the real estate agent is) as possible and remove as much less sold and sold. The average for the rest … This should give the best estimate of market value … Caution – Do not use the list Current real estate agent who is still on the market. these "asking prices" mean nothing to you. Focus only in the amount of land similar sold in your area … get a very good idea of ??what you can get for your country! Good luck! A couple

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