Louisiana State Police Records

For Texas Parole Violation?

I worked for a company to 18 Bailbonds then allowed to work for a private research organization … But 19 years of fraud committed an act that has always regret it .. Immediately, my PI license was suspended pending the outcome of the case. I was tried and convicted in two counties with a total of three crimes. I was placed considered deferred probation. However, I had started working for another company after several intellectual property months in Louisiana, he was hospitalized for attempted suicide is not involuntary .. The probation officer asked the judge to issue a ordered to leave the country state / .. Court records show the warrant of arrest or detention w / o obligation was issued in November 2009. I live in California and recently my fingerprints scanned directly to a police station for a job, and it became clear .. I'm thinking of moving to Washington, and start a new career … Please advise on the situation.

Sooner or later you will be arrested and your application will also require fingerprints

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