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I'm trying to find my father what the free sites are there?

I want to find my father. I only met three times in my life the last time was in 1991. He lived in Texas at the time and what I understand, he came to visit, because he went to prison. I did a search in the search Detained in Texas, and the results of your name. and I looked many places for people research could not begin to name them. has been 18 years since I saw him and arrested after angry against him not be in my life I've loved and begin to find some kind of relationship I want to know if I have brothers and sisters and I want you to know which has three wonderful grandchildren. I contacted a private investigator and now I can not afford them. Is there anywhere people engine Free search which allows search to find it. I have little information other than your name and I knew what was in prison and a sister who lives or lived in my hometown, but I do not know your name

Try the Google thingy, seems to be able to find many links to all sorts of places.

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