Texas Public Background Checks

Texas public background checks
Background Check of the employer – what date is displayed?

I stopped for a class a misdemeanor and then tested .. 6 months Probation I stopped going / payment and raped. I moved out of state for 1 full year then returned and became myself, not my time. My question is which day is displayed on the background check? the date of the crime or 18 months later, when I went for violation of probation? As Class C misdemeanors such as public intoxication or minor in consumption appear? The State is in Texas, and to background checks is Walmart.

The date of the violation is shown, and the desire to show his pain. An employer can usually see this information served for 7 years from the last date (which is the best way for me his word). Therefore, if the crime committed in 2000 for example, but were sentenced to 5 years or 4 years probation (again just an example), the employer may obtain information, and now in a period of seven years. The records described should appear (unless you were under 18) to your file. Although Wal-Mart can not make more complete background check, not sure which agency they use. Good luck!

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