Texas Death Deed

Texas death deed
Have you ever walked the streets of Laredo? In the city of West Texas in El Paso?

Can you beat the drum slowly and play the fife lowly? Can you sing death in March as you carry me and take me to the valley and put grass on me? Only a moment, do you remain silent, stunned by the fact that evil, evil has been done? Have you run out the back door of Rosa where the horses tied? Have you had a good and even on the back and take you? Just what exactly is your favorite song Marty Robbins?

I love Johnny version Cash in the streets of Laredo, but original golden Robbins. The Grateful Dead is a live version of El Paso, which is pretty good. My favorite song would be Robbins another cup of coffee: I stopped for a cup of coffee and do things that I left when he moved it can not stay too long because I have someone waiting to hurry to find a friend Well, that 'workin out since it took office, because it leaves me much time to live the life I'm almost at the end, I must really be goin 'But I think it's time for a drink, I see you have revamped the way home was've added some and took away some things could heat up a cup in this way, in this case, I wish I did not have much time, I have to go my way Well, I talked so long and all you 've done is heard and the brewer has been downloaded by an upheaval when my friend, but I know how to please stop somewhere and buy some pretty flowers too late to collect what I came for And if I let you really think you would mind because I said, I'm late and I do not know what to go and pick up some good another time "is funny when you think about what life has to offer when all in life is for the trade was conducted "by, just thought I fall into" Because I have always loved coffee as you did because I always loved the coffee you made


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