Texas Criminal Records Look Up

Texas criminal records look up
Caught Stealing from JCPenney?

A friend and I were caught stealing in about 3 weeks JCPenney. We are both less than fifteen years. We live Texas and we also have the criminal record. This was our first and last offense. We received a class a misdemeanor, and were placed in detention centers for one night. Today I received a civil lawsuit to pay $ 400. I want to know what might happen after that. We will be sent to reform school again? We will be on probation? Is there a way to make things better for us to assert our arguments look better? Need advice soon. Please and thank you for your help!

I think you should pay the civil action, or otherwise reproduced quickly and get collection agencies coming after you pay. Pay immediately. Since I was dirty, mean probably you have a hearing date and may have a criminal record. Access to lawyers as soon as possible and ask if you can get as a diversion option – essentially an agreement to do community service and fines, and if done properly, the criminal record is clean.

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