Texas Business Court

Texas business court
Matter of business law on Congress the right to cancel a court order?

2.Until recently, each state had a law that prohibits the burning of American flags. However, in Texas v. Johnson, the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional laws such, saying that the combustion flag is symbolic speech protected by the First Amendment. T Congress has the power to overturn decisions of the Court?

Not in this case. Because the law conflicts with the Constitution, as Marbury v. Madison said, can not be revoked by an Act of Congress the power. Only a constitutional amendment (or a court of walking) will change what is not approved by Congress, but must be approved by three-quarters of state legislatures. The boy of nine years of experience in law enforcement must return your school civics how the Constitution is changed. In general, when the court interprets the law, Congress may pass new legislation to rewrite the law if its interpretation is not what we want. There was a sex discrimination lawsuit three years ago when the court stated that the deadline to file a claim began to run when something happened, and Congress in six months to review the rules cloock start running later when the victim heard her.

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