Texas American Public Records

Texas american public records
What records do I register as a notary public?

I am a Notary Public, Texas. I need some advice on how to save certified. Texas Notary Handbook published by the American Society of Notaries who says: "In addition to the certified copy to the customer, the notary must keep a copy of the official documents of the notary. These copies should be treated as his lawyer recordbook. Keep certified copies in duplicate in a safe place, and be prepared to produce documents, if any. "I can not find in the current law that says I have to keep a copy for the most part I been held back and my clients do not like the main idea that I have a copy. Can anyone shed some light on this subject?

Must continue the instructions of the Secretary of State of Texas. Each state is different in the application. VA does not require non-electronic notaries, but most notaries notary book to keep.

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