Texas Vital Records Free

Texas vital records free
How can I access the index birth in Texas in 2005?

A friend of mine is to try to determine what information birth, but vital records, I found back to 1997. Does anyone have links / sites that can be sent to make his latest research? We tried rootsweb.com ancestry.com and as well as the Department of Vital Statistics. She tries to determine the name paternity on the birth of a baby. It has the date of birth, mother's name and the name of the child, but you need to find the father's name. The index the list of birth records Texas, but I can not find a free list which is more recent than 1997. Any help would be great. Thank you!

has probably not updated the site with more information. If you need to know before 2017 (which is probably how long it will), you may be able to get hold of a copy, Go to County Clerk.

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