Texas County Jail Records

Texas county jail records
The crime of aggression in the third degree to prevent breathing / circulation in Texas?

My now ex-boyfriend tried to choke abuse, it is now in prison on the assault crime. I do not think he has other convictions for domestic violence, but I think had a previous assault charge in 1997 – came a year of probation, 180 days in jail, anger management classes, 80 hours service Community. I do not know if it was indeed time in prison, I think it was postponed. He returned to prison a couple of times for violations of probation and the case finally settled in 2000. Other than that has a certain possession and DWI misdemeanorr MJ in its history. The penalty can be 2-10 years in this but really at least 2 years? I would be happy with six months of county jail and probation I do not want any contact with him, but I will send him to prison for 20 to 10. So Realistically, Dallas County, which could be a doomed?

Tested to choke, or attempting or attempted premeditated murder murder. He has a violent past, violations of PO. If he were still at large contingent and this burden is added good possibility of imprisonment five years. If you do not want to leave the streets for more than six months., Think (m), otherwise it will be in the future.

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