Texas Government Records Search

Texas government records search
Is this crazy? I see our government and our freedoms fall around us ….?

Rumsfeld is hated, he refuses to resign and not get Dubya get rid of him. The government is seeking records search Google, Yahoo, etc. Texas police are attacking the bars to arrest drunks. The FDA came out and said that no medicinal value of marijuana, despite a report two years ago, suggesting that marijuna be "tested" for its benefits. The war is a joke – a complete lie. The price of oil and gas is ridiculous – but oil companies have recorded profits the highest ever last year (at the expense of you and me.) There is talk of immigration reform that will make it a crime to hire an illegal immigrant. A sort of South Carolina wants to sell vibrators to a crime – the obscenity issues. WHAT'S HAPPENING? I think that's what happens: the government, namely Bush and his friends have a plan. Go All the shit, cause an uprising / riot, then declare Marshall Law. Then you can become the dictator who wants to be just before the next election … ??!!!?! Crazy idea

Yes, it's crazy. General Six (five retired two-star and a retired four-star) from 4000 + are complaining because they disagree with Rumsfeld's management style. Well, this is a difficult type of work, no argument. But his main complaint is that Rumsfeld's army turns into something you needs, something that these types of agreements. Rumsfeld also tried to resign twice, and Bush is certainly not for him, because he (And most military and civilian leaders at the Pentagon) are well aware that what Rumsfeld is significant. Second, the government request for search records to find out who was surfing pornography sites, and see who tried to build a bomb (but is primarily to stop the perverse). Texas, police raided bars and arresting people drunk … I'm not sure that this story is or if it's just an isolated incident. * However, public drunkenness * is a crime. They can also be people arrested have been harassed and / or threaten someone else, is also a crime. A report future that marijuana has no medicinal uses? Thus, reports on what is good and it's not back and forth. They give another 18-24 months and see the opposite. Again. War (I assume this refers to Iraq) was a joke and a lie. I'm not sure I should honor it with an answer, but the truth is that, contrary to what was reported in the news, Iraq has in fact been much improved over the last three years. Note that the total American casualties (although I admit that even a single death or mutilation is a tragedy) is so low that it is unprecedented. Iraq stabilizes and things like leaves, a significant number of troops should be home more later this year. Oil prices are like any other commodity in the world, notwithstanding that the force is known as "the economy". In this case, there is much demand (and not so much to go around) the price is rising. Moreover, because we are talking of billions of people who buy your product (S), oil companies have become extremely rich. It can not be "fair", but the economy is for you. Nobody never said the economy, hell, the world in general is "fair." Immigration reform. Well, if you understand the number people in the country are really upset about these people a)) break the law to get here, b) undercutting the wages of legal workers, are c preferential treatment in some cases for legal immigrants, it is understandable why so many people are on a war footing. * Y is a serious threat to security. If ordinary can cross illegally, as can the crazy MS-13, so you can drug dealers (and these guys), then terrorists can (although respects, the MS-13 guys are terrorists). The man in South Carolina? Well, everyone has different things they are offended by, and is only exercising their right to be a concerned citizen. As for this "plan" … as I said, yes, it's an idea crazy. Remember, people who apply the things are so human like everyone else, and I doubt you could find enough people, civilian or military, who agree with that. Bush does not want to be a dictator, just very stubborn in doing things. Of course he is upset with a lot of times, either to do what I see as stupid, or do something that is correct, but not * * What a good idea to communicate. Also, is spelled "martial law". "Marshall" is the name of someone. And despite what some people seem to be concerned here, not the FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, etc., does not control these sites. They (especially the guy with the law) are extremely sensitive to these things as they are responsible for enforcing the law. Only see things as if they one end (for example, an idiot by endangering the life of the president, that * is * a crime, regardless of political affiliation), or if there reason to suspect that someone is passing on information that has real implications for national security. But agencies are not powerful. Do not focus on us because you will find both the Liberals and Conservatives in these organs. Do not worry come after you unless you really * Someone's life threatened or made a statement that you want to commit a crime.

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