Texas Criminal Search

Texas criminal search
Did you know that Dick Cheney has lived? Should not everyone?

Dick Cheney and Gonzales were charged with participation in the activity organized crime because of their investments in the Vanguard Group, which is financially linked to private companies that control the prison of our holding federal regulations. Cheney is also accused of "minor assault" because of their links with the prison industry. Gonzales is accused of abusing their power to stop an investigation into the corruption of some private prisons. This story was buried New Associated Press. Think about it. This story is the substance of the first page? No CNN?, Etc? WTF! This must become the common goal of knowledge Cheney act charges in southern Texas is moving forward Calendar List –

I just read about it in the net a minute ago, the story does not say much about what was happening. be interesting to see what happens. I also find it strange that the lack of coverage looks more and more like a big deal.

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