Texas Records Office

Texas records office
Moving from CA to Texas, updating DMV records?


To those of you who have moved to Texas, what was the first thing you did to update your DMV records. Which forms did you fill out.

FIRST, do I go to the local county tax office to obtain a TEXAS car registration/title and drivers license?

IF not, please tell me the STEPS YOU TOOK and the FORMS you had to fill out.

I need to update my car registration/car title, DL and ID all from California to TEXAS!!!!

Please help, this is stressing me out, too many forms and too many offices to go to!

I will be moving to San Antonio Texas!
Also, where do I go for a texas vehicle inspection? do I go to any garage that does it? and how much does a vehicle inspection cost?

The rules for texas are not the same as for California. Simply go to the Texas DMV website and read what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

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