Texas Free Criminal Records

Texas free criminal records
Why do people say the best girls come from Texas?

I mean really how are they any good? I have lived in the beaumont vidor area Houston, and Austin and all those girls 30 and younger are rude on drugs have records look for free rides and associate with criminals. My good exps with women have been in other states its only Texas that i have had awful awful exps. I am a very attractive man, I am big shouldered big arms tall nice legs nice butt short dark hair dark eyes, It seems to me if you are a handsome guy in Texas you are shunned. I see nice looking girls here go for big fat smelly toothless rednecks or felons. Based on my exps I can only conclude the best chicks come from other states like WA Cali Florida Ark Georgia Lousiana and the worst ones come from Texas. I mean why do chicks here hate attractive guys so much?

Who are these ‘people’? There are great girls all over the place. Usually it’s a matter of personal opinion.

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