Texas Vital Statistics

Texas vital statistics
Isn’t it ridiculous that child marriages used to be common here?

Vital statistics from 1956 show that 4,000 girls and 60 boys married at 14 and earlier.

Georgia in that year recorded two girls marrying at 10, six at 11, thirty-four at age 12, 119 at only 13 and more than 300 at 14. Mississippi had nearly 400 girls and 5 boys marrying at those young ages, and Texas had well past 1,000.

Georgia, Idaho and Mississippi had 3x as many girls marrying in their teens(15-19) than at ages 20-24 and later. 18 was the peak age for the number of girls getting married, although a lot of them started getting married at 15 and 16. Boys, on the other hand, started getting married at 17 and 18 and peaked at 21 years, more men married in their teens (15-19) than did at ages 25 and later. Idaho had almost the same number of boys getting married in their teens than in their early 20s.

I knew people married young in the 1950s, but not this young. I wonder if the marriages are still intact?

isn’t it disturbing that the age of consent in Spain is 13?

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