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I’d like to know where Malcolm NEAR Leonora on the way to Laverton in WA is ?

It was between Laverton and Leonora. The only place I found was way south. Wrong place. I was there 45 years ago. But I have not been able to find it on any Google maps. I got there from NT via Gibson Dessert coming from Ayers Rock.
Hi djene, thanks U. I also found that spot, and it seems to in the correct area. But there is nothing there ! No town. Is it possible it vanished after 40 years ?
OK fellow yahoo people. I have received only one GOOD answer to my question. So I lashed out and made a call from Melb. to Leonora WA. I found why nothing shows up on Google maps.
The whole town was bulldozed back in the 80’s.
Nothing left. Malcolm was going to be the largest Gold mining town in Australia. They even built a huge dam. Then it died in 1940. But I am surprised that no info is available on the web. But then it could be, and I’m to old to find it. Like to hear if someone knows more. Cheers

Maybe you Googled it wrong? Is this it??
I entered “Malcolm NEAR Laverton” & got this:
Well…. what a stumper!
Malcolm an abandoned goldfields town, 20 km east of Leonora.
In 1904 Malcolm had 5 hotels and a brewery and a population of 400. The townsite was gazetted in 1897.
Best one is…
Malcolm serves today only as a railhead and has a population of zero.

May have to go there now I have found out all about it!
I hope I have helped abit.

Not sure about this….. “the town of Malcolm, we struck our first hiccup. We realised we’d lost radio….”
(this site is not secure by Norton standards so haven’t looked at it)
If a town can be wiped off the red Earth of Australia & nothing is to be found what is this world coming to?
I am disappointed in this.
I just had a thought.Why not write to Can We Help at ABC?
You would have to watch the show for the answer of course.

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