Texas Criminal Property

Texas criminal property
In Texas, is there a restraining order to keep someone from coming onto my property whether I am there or not?

There is no known threat of physical assault from this person, only vandalism, and the tendency to bring other undesirable types capable and previously guilty of criminal behavior, with them. This person has been repeatedly told they and their associates are not welcome on my property or in my home at any time, ever. Unfortunately, this unwanted person is also family.

You can have that person/people issued a CTW by the police – “Criminal Tresspass Warning.” Then the next time t hey are on the property, t hey will be arrested.

However – the police have to catch them on the property the 1st time to issue the warning.

However, if you set up a camera or something like those motion controlled deer cameras (they are not that expensive) and then get a pic of them on your property, that would be proof that they were there.

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